Touch Tracer v0.2 release

Touch Tracer v0.2 release

Last week I managed to get touchlib compiled under Ubuntu Linux (thanks Xvarg). While bug fixing and updating my touch tracer source code, I also tried to compile it in Ubuntu. Since I am not a linux guru, getting the code compiled took quite some time (linking libs, changing cflags). After fixing a few compiler warnings and errors (g++ seems to be more strict) I managed to get touch tracer compiled.

It is nice to see that touch tracer is actually running smoother/faster in linux than in windows. Obviously my Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (aka Intel Extreme Crap) is not a high end videocard, but where Windows does 40-50 fps on average, Linux is able to boost it up with 10 fps extra.

In the video below you will notice a few glitches. These are not caused by touch tracer (really :D)!. My FTIR panel seems to ‘leak’ light on the edges. After creating some demo movies I noticed that not only my finger tips where reflecting the light. Also other parts seems to reflect (just enough) IR light to fool touchlib. It’s even possible to create blobs when you hover your hand near the edges. A possible solution is to extend the baffles just a bit.

Touch Tracer v0.2 example video

– Added tracelines
– Added funky blob colours
– Made the source linux compatible
– General code cleanup

I’ve included a windows binary and the source code of touch tracer for linux users.
By using the included Makefile you should be able to get it up running in notime.

Touch Tracer v0.2 Binary
Touch Tracer v0.2 Source code

Optional downloads
msvcr80.dll and msvcp80
– Required if no vs2k5 runtime dlls are installed
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Redist. Package
– Entire package if the one above fails

Touch Tracer v0.2 release
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Touch Tracer v0.2 release

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  1. Off-topic question - what is the music in this video?

    Adrian Bonar – November 8th, 2007
  2. it’s Telepopmusik with the song called Breathe

    Laurence Muller November 8th, 2007