Research projects

Research projects

Since my graduation back in 2008, I have been working on different research projects at universities. Some of them got published, others never left the ‘prototype’ stage.

Recently I started to organize the footage I made and collected over the years and decided to put some of it online. To maintain the overview, a new section has been added to the site: Research Projects. It includes most of the projects I have been working on at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Harvard University.

Each project includes a short description, pictures and a video. Enjoy!

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Interactive Networks

This project introduces the Interactive Network concept and describes the design and implementation of the first prototype.


Twilight is an interactive graph exploration tool for multi-touch systems. Twilight provides a flexible environment that can be used to visualize and analyse graphs and networks found in the computational science.


This projects involves the visualization of large phylogenetic tree structures such as the ones found in the Tree of Life. By combining high performance computer graphics with multi-touch input interaction methods, his project will create an interactive exploration environment that allows us to view the data interactively and in different representations. This research will lead into a better understanding of the evolutionary tree.


INVOLV is a research project that combines cutting-edge interactive technology with emerging information visualization techniques to create innovative explorations for large hierarchical data sets


This application is designed to be a collaborative activity to teach undergraduate students about phylogeny and to prevent misconceptions about evolution. The system guides the students through a set of steps required to construct a phylogenetic tree based on morphological and DNA sequence data.

Since this project is still active, more media content will be released in future!

* update: 27 November 2010 *

Old footage from personal projects: Touch tracer and Real time fluid dynamics running on the UvA-MTT

Touch Tracer v0.3

Real time fluid dynamics

Research projects
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Visualizing Wikileaks mirrors

Research projects

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  1. heeeeeeeeeeey that’s my stuff on the whiteboad :P

    Bertrand – November 27th, 2010
  2. Wow, this looks impressive. I am currently studying Computer Science in Boston and I wonder, how do you get involved in those research projects? I obviously dont have the same qualifications as you, but I am really interested in new human-computer interfaces, so it would be awesome if i could find something over the summer etc.

    Nam – November 29th, 2010
  3. Hey very nice projects! What do you tink about gesture design? I wrote a paper about designing (multi-touch) gesture, which is good for beginners in this domain. But I am still a little bit unsatisfied with the design approaches for multi-touch gestures. Do you know design patterns for multi-touch gestures? Or something like this? I would like to here your opinion about “when gestures as inputs are useful or not”. Thx for the good blog and sorry for my bad English! Best regards Florian

    Florian Weil December 13th, 2010