Multitouch @ SOCO Amsterdam

Multitouch @ SOCO Amsterdam

My 2 minutes of fame…

Last saturday MMA Pro was presented on national television (NED3, VPRO) in the show called “In de ban van ‘t ding”. The documentary created by Dahl TV and Bright Magazine is about the (new) technologies which have an impact on our daily lives.

In this weeks episode Erwin visits SOCO Amsterdam. SOCO (Social Contemporary Center for the Arts) is a new exhibition/project space in Amsterdam. Peter Distol and Ralph Das are giving a demonstration of the table we have build together at the SOCO. The table uses front illumination and touchlib for touch detection and processing.

A part of the episode can be viewed here (it is in Dutch):

The whole episode can be viewed here:
Uitzending gemist

The applications which have been demonstrated:
– Smoke (basic demo from touchlib)
– Newswell (Ralph Das)
– Multitouch Media Application (showing Jimi Hendrix!) (Laurence Muller)

Currently there are two multi-touch tables available to the general public.

Multitouch Media Application Pro Update

The previous release of MMA Pro only worked with Adobe AIR beta1. A few users have contacted me about the troubles when installing MMA Pro v2a with Adobe AIR beta3 installed.

I have updated the application to make it compatible with Adobe AIR beta3 (Thank You Adobe! for renaming zillion functions).

The application requires Adobe AIR beta3 runtimes, so do not forget to install them first. Besides the fixes, there is nothing new.
Ofcourse this version also supports adding images on-fly. Just connect your digital camera (or memorycard) and all your images will be downloaded to the desktop. Your camera should be using the DCIM standard).

Don’t forget to read the readme_pro.txt !

Multitouch Media Application Pro v2b
Adobe AIRrequired

Multitouch @ SOCO Amsterdam
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MMA Pro update

Multitouch @ SOCO Amsterdam

4 responses

  1. hey …. saw the video … congratulations on the feat … and i must say super kick arse setup… great going you guys!!!! i could see some of the common problem with the setup (mainly touchlib) that we also face like jittering/shaking pics while we drag em… total chaos on multi user in photo apps.. random hotspot n stuff…. but m sure we all shall work towards fixing em up soon :) cheers deej… keep up the great work!

    deej January 22nd, 2008
  2. Hey deej! Well since this table is using front illumination, the precision is a bit lower. It is also very sensitive, so often unwanted items are tracked as blob causing the canvas to move (or shake). Keep in touch!

    Laurence Muller January 22nd, 2008
  3. great stuff! Congrats!


    Tim Roth – January 22nd, 2008
  4. Congrats!!! Once that shakeing thing is fixed it will be great :D

    James – February 9th, 2008