This is add-on brings the openFrameworks platform to the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. It currently resides in a separate repository and requires a patched openFrameworks (v0.7.4) that is provided as well. This add-on has been successfully used in NodeBeat, Super Hexagon and a few other indie games.


New BSD License (3-clause license)

openFrameworks 0.7.4


Instructions are in the readme:
https://github.com/falcon4ever/ofxQNX (ofxQNX-v0.7.4-stable tag)

You will need to use a patched version of openFrameworks (openframeworks-v0.7.4-stable branch):


ofxQNX examples

NodeBeat Beta using ofxQNX

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    Kevin Xu

    Great port! I am trying to get the 3D examples running(i.e. OfBoxExample). Can you offer some advice?

    I replaced the classes inside “ofAppGlutWindow” with “ofAppQNXWindow” in main, and setting the parent class of “testApp” to be “ofxQNXApp” before recompiling, and I end up with a bunch “undefined reference” errors. Did you use specific project configuration? I copy qnxGraphicsExample’s project file as a template to start, so it should be pointing to the same set of libraries.

    08 May 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Kevin,

      while you can replace the classes like you pointed out, I recommend just opening up the qnxEmpyExample and replacing the code in there. Whenever I want to try out an ofxExample, I just copy over main.cpp/testApp.h/testApp.cpp to the src folder and just replace the Window class and App class like you did. This way you don’t have to worry about adding the libraries/dependencies manually to the project.

      Regarding your error messages: either it can’t find some libs, or perhaps some of the cpp files are missing from the project.

      If you look for example at the qnxEmptyExample, you will see an “openFrameworks” folder with a lot of *.cpp files in there. Those aren’t located in the example project folder, but just linked from the openFrameworks/libs folder. You probably just have to add the missing classes (*.cpp files) to either the openFrameworks folder to get rid of the “undefined reference” errors. If that’s not helping or need more assistance, feel free to e-mail me the exact errors so I can see what’s going on.

      08 May 2012 | Reply

      • Kevin Xu

        Thank you Laurence, it is working now. You were right in the dependencies, I just have to link to them in the openFrameworks folder, and there won’t be errors. In my case, actually there is a chain of dependencies to link.

        09 May 2012 | Reply

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