How to Tunnel with SSH using Putty

Sometimes it is convenient to have a server running with Shell access for example at work (access files), University (download scientific papers) or perhaps a different country (bypass IP location check from HULU/BBC iPlayer).

Below are the steps on how to setup a SSH Tunnel on Windows using Putty and a browser.



Add a tunnel source: 8080 Dest: localhost Dynamic and auto

Browser settings

Open up your browser and change your proxy settings. In Firefox for example, set the socket host to localhost and change the port to 8080.

Alternative using the commandline

I find it easier to just create a batch file (e.g. tunnel.bat) to do the above:

putty.exe -ssh -C -N -D 8080

Next, run the batch file, enter your password and it should connect to the server. After you’re connected, leave the console open and launch your browser. Change your proxy settings and you should be good! (Go to to find out if it worked!)