MyChip8 emulator

Inspired by console emulators (back in 2001) such as: UltraHLE (Nintendo64), Snes9x (SNES) and Bleem! (PSX) I got interested in the technical design of an emulator. Since I wanted to challenge and improve my own coding skills to get a better understanding of the CPU, I started my own emulation project in 2003.

At that time I was searching for a simple system to emulate (which wouldn’t take me years). A friend of mine recommended to try writing a Chip8 interpreter. More information of the design of the Chip8 (virtual) cpu can be found on Wikipedia. The screenshots below show my own Chip8 implementation running on Windows.


Note: You can steer the paddles by useing Q-2 for player1 and Z-X for player to move the paddle up and down.


v0.2 (Pixelfont bug fixed and Sound support)




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    All thanks for you! ^_^

    I’ve made chip-8 emu for Scratch, may be glitchy 😐

    10 Mar 2016 | Reply

    • Nice! Interesting to see that you used Scratch 🙂

      11 Mar 2016 | Reply

      • A-KouZ1

        Thanks! :D,

        anyway, I looking for Chip-8 Emulator debugger, they can log debug,
        where i can find it?

        I find this… but, this can’t open other ROM, cuz Pong :/…

        Your guidace about how to write Chip-8 emulator, i can’t say… except
        Thanks a billion 😀

        17 Mar 2016 | Reply

  1. [Ordi.] myCHIP8 beta 0.02 - Emu-France

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