Welcome to www.multigesture.net, the place where I publish my opinions, my interests, personal projects and multi-touch research related stuff.


Traveling, Digital photography, Lifehacking, Music, Sports, Software development and Emulation.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Natural User Interfaces (NUI), UI/UX, Scientific visualization, Game development, Software Porting (Windows, Linux, Android, QNX).


  1. Bachelor of Engineering
    (Algemene Operationele Technologie / General Operations) (June 2005)
    Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  2. Master of Science
    (Grid Computing, Computational Science / Computer Science) (July 2008)
    The University of Amsterdam
  3. Fellowship at SDR Lab (2009 – 2010)
    School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
    Harvard University

Questions and comments can be send to:
E-mail: laurence (dot) muller (at) gmail (dot) com


This is a list of projects that I work on in my spare time just for fun.

Code repositories (Open Source):

Video material

Current projects I work on in my spare time:

  • ofxQNX – BlackBerry PlayBook add-on for openFrameworks.
  • openFrameworks – Providing patches for building Android applications from the Windows platform.

Tools / applications I developed in the past:

  • Earth Friends – a Facebook app to visualize your social network on Google Earth
  • fIRC – Free IRC chat application for Android devices
  • Multitouch Media Application – Photo and video organizing tool
  • Touchsuite – A collection of open source multi-touch enabled applications (using TUIO)
  • touchlib – Open source multi-touch development framework
  • nJoy – Open source Dolphin compatible input plugin (now part of Dolphin)
  • PuruPuru -A nullDC (Dreamcast emulator) compatible input plugin (now part of the nullDC project)
  • VLC now playing v0.1 (beta) – mIRC plugin to display the current VLC video
  • mircTunes v0.1 – mIRC plugin to display the current iTunes song
  • Descent 3 Hex Tool – Hex colour tool hack for Descent 3
  • Chip8 emulator – Chip8 interpreter / cpu emulator
  • Chip8 emulator Android port – Chip8 interpreter / cpu emulator
  • nuiSDK – A cross-platform framework for rapid multi-touch development using Openscenegraph and TUIO (C++).

Some websites I developed:

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