Multi-touch Media Application Pro

MMA Pro is a multitouch video and photo viewer developed in Adobe AIR. The multitouch component runs on TUIO. The pro version includes a multitouch version of Google Maps and loading images straight from an USB stick or memory card.


[download#20#size] (flash) – Requires Adobe AIR


Multitouch Media Application Pro v3 (10-07-2009)

Multitouch Media Application Pro v2d (01-05-2008)

Multitouch @ SOCO Amsterdam (21-01-2008)
A short summary of “In de ban van ‘t ding” (VPRO). The full episode is available at:
In this episode Erwin visits SOCO Amsterdam. Peter Distol and Ralph Das are giving a demonstration of the table we’ve build together at the SOCO. The table uses front illumination and touchlib for touch detection and processing.

Demonstrated Applications: Smoke (touchlib),Newswell (Ralph Das) and Multitouch Media Application (Laurence Muller).

Multitouch Media Application v1 (14-09-2007)

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