AS3 – Multitouch simulator


SimTouch is another TUIO simulator build using the Adobe Air runtime. The core benefit to using SimTouch is the transparent background allowing the application developer to have a better grasp of what he/she is ‘touching’.

SimTouch uses the same xml format that FlOSC might use to translate OSC message to a TUIO object. SimTouch needs a simple socket server to relay the XML Socket message between applications. Typically on port 3000.



Matt (mlegrand at

Project URL:

How to use:

  • Install Adobe AIR
  • Download and install SimTouch v0.01.air
  • Download the socket server from simtouch (currently available for Mac OS and Windows)
  • Start the socket server
  • Start simtouch
  • Start your flash (TUIO compatible) multitouch application
  • Drag the overlay on top of you multitouch application
  • Use shift-click to add virtual touches (multitouch)



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