Touchlib is a library for creating multi-touch interaction surfaces. It handles tracking blobs of infrared light, and sends your programs these multi-touch events, such as ‘finger down’, ‘finger moved’, and ‘finger released’. It includes a configuration app and a few demos to get you started, and will interace with most types of webcams and video capture devices. It currently works under Windows and Linux.

Used technologies: C/C++, OpenCV


Touchlib compiled binary (svn build)

  • Touchlib compiled libraries, revision 400 (10 -03-2009) – recommended!
  • Unofficial [download#18#size]

Old versions:

  • [download#19#size] compiled libraries, revision 395 (09 nov 2008)
  • [download#1#size] compiled libraries, revision 395 (26 feb 2008)
    • Contains the new barrel distortion correction filter
    • Instructions can be found in the barrel distortion correction tool package
    • Memory leak bug fixed
    • Improved performance (1.5~2.0x faster)
  • [download#2#size] compiled libraries, revision 393 speedfix (21 apr 2008)
    • Removed the Sleep(32) from bool CTouchScreen::process() in file CTouchScreen.cpp line 274
    • Caused the processing loop to stall for 32ms which is in my opinion unneeded. This would result (in some cases) in lower performance.
    • Might not be safe for single core cpu’s
    • This version does not support videoplayback (from avi files), without the sleep function the video plays too quick.
  • [download#3#size] (Osc -> Flash proxy) including TUIO simulator
  • [download#4#size] – stable version without fiducial support

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