Tree Visualization

This projects involves the visualization of large phylogenetic tree structures such as the ones found in the Tree of Life. By combining high performance computer graphics with multi-touch input interaction methods, his project will create an interactive exploration environment that allows us to view the data interactively and in different representations. This research will lead into a better understanding of the evolutionary tree.

Used datasets: Tree of Life and Encyclopedia of Life

Project details

Project name: Tree Panorama
Project membersLaurence Muller, Chia Shen
FundingEncyclopedia of Life (EoL)
Published paper(s): n/a

Employer: Harvard University (SEAS) / SDR Lab
Date: 2009
Used technologies: C++/OpenSceneGraph/igraph/tulip/TUIO. C#/WPF (Surface SDK)


MS Surface (OpenSceneGraph / TUIO version):

Mitsubishi Wall Display (OpenSceneGraph / Controlled from Surface):

MS Surface (WPF/C# port):

A few screenshots of an early version:



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