Touchlib Speedfix and MMA Pro update

Touchlib Speedfix and MMA Pro update


A few weeks ago I was busy tweaking the Touchlib sourcecode and noticed a bug/feature in the code which caused the image processing pipeline to stall for 32 milliseconds. This might not sound like a big issue however on our system it caused the system to be less responsive.

I have compiled a version without this ‘sleep’ function. This version might not be safe for single core cpu’s (I could not test it out myself, hopefully someone could check it out). Because the sleep function is removed, the videoplayback (using cvcapture + *.avi) is not working properly.

Check out this version of touchlib and report any problems in the comment section 🙂 !

Download: compiled libraries, revision 393 speedfix (21 apr 2008)

MMA Pro v2d

– Added smoothing, scaled images should look a lot better
– Added an View Reset and Exit button
– Increased the size of the canvas
– Compatible with Adobe Air v1.0

Install instructions are in: readme_pro.txt !

Multitouch Media Application Pro v3 Adobe AIRrequired

Example video showing how to load photos dynamicly into MMA Pro


Wong is a game based on pong which uses the multitouch input to create dynamicly sized paddles.

A game of Wong on our multitouch table:

The game is made by Seth Sandler and is part of the audiotouch application suite:

Touchlib Speedfix and MMA Pro update
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Touchlib Speedfix and MMA Pro update

5 responses

  1. Touchlib without the sleep stall reactes much better than the previous versions. This thing needs to be fixed in the main trunk cause I never ever can say goodbye to the response rate we are now getting. MMA also looks quite promising. I’m now working on the square detection/ fiducial. Will post a small movie when this is finished (10th of may).

    Ralph Das May 3rd, 2008
  2. I checked the audiotouch project and it seems that Wong has been deleted. Is there anywhere else I can get the game?

    Daniel – May 4th, 2008
  3. Hi, Just a great project! I’ve got a question regarding Multitouch Media Application Pro v2d. When I use it, all 5 seconds it lags for ~5 seconds. I’ve already testet your Touchlib (speedfix), but no change. Do you have another advice? The photo.exe application in the folder “Demos” works without problems. Have a nice day and keep working on your great projects:) Greets andrea

    andrea hofer May 16th, 2008
  4. The sleep function is necessary because it crashes without it on some systems. I believe the crash was related to OpenCV’s buggy window / keyboard input system.

    WhiteNoiz – July 27th, 2008
  5. Have you seen this multi-touch sensor?

    Manu Kovic – February 5th, 2009