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Seth Sandler a good friend of mine, released his new website which is a website that he describes as “a social platform for people that are sparked (inspired) by creative and emergent technology”.

Personally I like the way how he organized the site. He created a portal that allows you to rapidly find (multitouch) applications, open source programming frameworks, and community projects that are out there, all in one single place!

Check it out and don’t forget to add your own projects as well!

Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2010

If you’re doing research on interactive tabletops and surfaces, you might want to check out this years ITS 2010 conference. This year it will be hosted in Saarbrücken, Germany!

Check out the details below.


5th Annual ACM Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2010

ITS 2010  
November 7-10, 2010  
Saarbrücken, Germany

The Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2010 Conference (ITS) is a  
premiere venue for presenting research in the design and use of new  
and emerging tabletop and interactive surface technologies. As a new  
community, we embrace the growth of the discipline in a wide variety  
of areas, including innovations in ITS hardware, software, design, and  
projects expanding our understanding of design considerations of ITS  
technologies and of their applications.

Building on their success in previous years, ITS again features Papers  
and Notes presentations, as well as tutorials, posters, and  
demonstrations tracks. For the first time, ITS 2010 will also include  
a doctoral symposium.

ITS 2010 will bring together top researchers and practitioners who are  
interested in both the technical and human aspects of ITS technology.  
On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we invite you to  
begin planning your submissions and participation for this year’s  


The use of interactive surfaces is an exciting and emerging research  
area. Display technologies, such as projectors, LCD and OLED flat  
panels, and even flexible display substrates, coupled with input  
sensors capable of enabling direct interaction, make it reasonable to  
envision a not-so-distant future in which many of the common surfaces  
in our environment will function as digital interactive displays. ITS  
brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety of  
backgrounds and interests, such as camera and projector based systems,  
new display technologies, multi-touch sensing, user interface  
technologies, augmented reality, computer vision, multimodal  
interaction, novel input and sensing technologies, computer supported  
cooperative work (CSCW), and information visualization.

The intimate size of this single-track symposium provides an ideal  
venue for leading researchers and practitioners to exchange research  
results and experiences. We encourage submissions on (but not limited  
to) the following topic areas as they relate to interactive tabletops  
and surfaces:

* Applications  
* Gesture-based interfaces  
* Multi-modal interfaces  
* Tangible interfaces  
* Novel interaction techniques  
* Data handling/exchange on large interactive surfaces  
* Data presentation on large interactive surfaces  
* User-interface technology  
* Computer supported collaborative systems  
* Middleware and network support  
* Augmented reality  
* Social protocols  
* Information visualizations  
* Interactive surface hardware, including sensing and input  
technologies with novel capabilities  
* Human-centered design & methodologies


Conference Co-Chairs  
Johannes Schöning  
Antonio Krüger

Conference Program Committee Co-Chairs  
Daniel Wigdor  
Michael Haller


To help those with less experience in academic publication, ITS 2010  
offers the help of our two Mentors Chairs. The mentoring program is  
intended primarily for authors from non-academics, including industry.

Two types of help are available from the mentor: assistance in framing  
and composing your research paper (early feedback), and help and  
feedback reviewing an already completed paper (later feedback). In  
either case, the mentor will help frame your work in context of other  
related work, and make meaningful suggestions to improve the quality  
of your contribution. Both types of mentorship have the same  
submission deadline.

Although we cannot guarantee that your submission will be accepted by  
ITS, mentoring would be helpful for you to turn your ideas into a  
proper research paper. If you wish to avail yourself of this program,  
you can do so by sending e-mail to both of the Mentor Chairs Lucia  
Terrenghi ( and Changkyu Choi  
(changkyu\ The submission type will vary depending  
on the type of feedback you are seeking.

Early-Stages Feedback (Deadline: 2010.05.25):

Send a 1-page document describing your intended contribution. This  
1-page must include author names and affiliation (e.g. company name),  
and enough information for the chairs to understand both what it is  
that you have done.

Completed Paper Feedback (Deadline: 2010.05.25):

Send your completed paper to both mentors chairs by May 25.

For both early and paper feedback, you will receive a response by June 14.

Papers/Notes: We invite paper submissions of two kinds: Papers (10  
pages) and Notes (4 pages). Papers must present original, highly  
innovative, prospective and forward-looking research, possibly in one  
or more of the themes given above. Notes must also report novel and  
complete research, but where the scope and scale of the contribution  
is more focused and succinct than papers. Submissions must be  
submitted as a single PDF file in the ACM format through the  
submission system. A template for submissions can be found on the ITS  
website (

All accepted submissions will be presented at ITS 2010 and appear in  
the ITS proceedings and be archived in the ACM digital library.


Paper / Note Mentorship Requests (optional): May 25, 2010  
Paper / Note Mentorship Feedback Received (optional): June 14, 2010  
Paper / Note Submissions: June 23, 2010  
Paper / Note Author Notifications: August 27, 2010  
Paper / Note Camera-Ready Deadline: October 1, 2010

The calls for the posters, demos, tutorials, and the doctoral  
symposium will be published soon, please check our website for further  

ITS 2010 Conference: November 7-10, 2010

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5 responses

  1. Cool new site, mentor :)

    Thiago September 30th, 2010
  2. Hope to see you in Saarbrucken ;)!

    jimmyhertz – October 5th, 2010
  3. Thanks Thiago, what are you up to these days?

    Laurence Muller October 7th, 2010
  4. Hey Jimmy! Well I would like to go, but I am not sure if I can make it to Saarbrucken this year… 540 euros for the registration (and then I still need a place to sleep…). How about you?

    Laurence Muller October 7th, 2010
  5. Nothing Much. Still trying to finish my undergraduate on Electrical Engineering, but putting very few disciplines due to work. I am finishing at the end of 2011, finally(missing few disciplines, internship and thesis) :) Working at a company with Embedded Linux/Systems building somethings for Airports, Metro Stations and now stadiums(sounding systems, digital clocks, flight/schedule displays, and so on). Running my blog and a hobby site called Embarcaram. :) Arriving very late at home, most of the days, but hopefully talk to you someday at Gtalk/Skype to catch up with the news, and stop flooding your website :)

    Thiago October 31st, 2010