Two new howto’s added to the article section

I’ve posted two Howto’s on compiling touchlib in Windows (XP and Vista) and Linux (Ubuntu).

Howto: Compile Touchlib in Windows
Howto: Compile Touchlib in Linux

Both compile instructions apply to subversion rev.73 of touchlib. If you followed the Howto’s and still have some trouble please post the problem in the comment section.

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    Vary nice guide, I like it even more because it tells you exactly where to find all the dependency’s needed, and how to include them in Visual Studio!

    I’d suggest this to anyone for quick and easy setup for a touch lib development environment!

    thanks for the great guide,

    19 Oct 2007 |

  1. pauldendulk

    We put your Windows compile guide to the test last Tuesday in our ‘TouchTable in a day’ project and everything compiled fine by just following the instruction, no additional tweaks necessary. Thanks a lot!

    03 Nov 2007 |