Thesis work

Thesis work

For those who are interested, I have uploaded my master’s thesis and final presentation.

1. Master’s thesis:
Multi-touch displays: design, applications and performance evaluation

2. Final presentation:
(26.6 mb, includes embedded wmv videos)

3. Multitouch video:

Example multi-touch applications developed at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands.

  1. Touch tracer
  2. Real-time fluid dynamics simulation with objects
  3. Multitouch puzzle game
  4. Multitouch Media Application
  5. tDesk a multitouch desktop environment (Windows XP hack)
  6. NASA World Wind multi-touch plugin

4. Experiment videos:
Multitouch experiment videos (youtube playlist)

Thesis work
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Thesis work

2 responses

  1. Thanks¡ Next year I will to research this interfaces field for my pre-grade thesis (; your material it will be a great input to start (sorry for my bad english XD)

    Fernando – December 4th, 2008
  2. I’m glad my work inspires others :).

    Laurence Muller December 8th, 2008