IEEE Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces 2008

Tommorow the 3rd edition of IEEE Tabletop will take place in Amsterdam.

On the first day of the conference there will be a bootcamp on building your own multitouch surfaces.

At the bootcamp the ‘experts’ will share their knowledge and experiences on building multitouch surfaces. The following topics will be covered:

  • Infrared Illumination
  • Silicone & Projection surfaces
  • Cameras, Optics, Filters & Projectors
  • Software
  • Hardware Integration
  • Community & Network

I will be at one of the stands presenting the software part together with Ulrich von Zadow.

Hope to see you soon,
– Laurence

* Update *
We now have a website running with the bootcamp information.
– Project page:
– Some photos of the conference: click me!

* Update 2 * (22/03/2009)
IEEE tabletop bootcamp page update.
Multi-Touch Surfaces: A Technical Guide (mirror)

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    Hi Laurence!
    Yes, what good fun! More information on the bootcamp can be found on:


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