Interactive Networks at SC08 (part two)

Interactive Networks at SC08 (part two)

November last year we presented the Interactive Networks concept at Supercomputing 2008. Recently I got hold of more photo and video content.

Photos and videos

In my previous post on Interactive Networks, I gave a brief explanation of the concept. My colleague Rudolf Strijkers (Project lead) created a page with pictures and videos from the demo we presented. This page also includes a video of Rudolf explaining the Interactive Network concept to Gordon Cook. Only the video with Gordon Cook is in English, but I guess that most of the videos are self explanatory. The videos and photos be found here: Supercomputing 2008 media

COOK Report

After Gordon Cook was given a brief introduction to the Interactive Networks concept, he invited Rudolf Strijkers and Cees de laat for a more in-depth interview. The article (abstract) can be found here: ICT and E-Science as an Innovation Platform in The Netherlands “A National Research and Innovation NetworkWhat Can the US Learn from Dutch Experience?”


More posters from our booth can be found here: clickme!

Pictures of multitouch systems presented at SC 2008

RENCI Vis Group Multi-Touch

The guys from Renaissance Computing Institute were kind enough to show us their table. We could even take a peek under the black curtain that contained all the *magic*.

More photo and video content can be found on their blog.

EVL | Multi-Touch LCD Table Prototype

EVL showing a rain simulator on their LCD based multitouch table.

Checkout the video of the table here. More pictures of the setup can be found here.


A stable, portable and responsive multitouch system using a python backend.

MS Surface

This doesn’t really needs an explanation…

Interactive Networks at SC08 (part two)
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Interactive Networks at SC08 (part two)