It’s alive!

It works!

After the last blog not much had to be done about the FTIR screen. Actually I only used some tape to hide the wires on the sides.
With all LED’s in place and the frame being placed on two chairs it was time to finally test the FTIR screen.

All LED’s are fully functioning 😀 !
Image1 (Medium).png Image2 (Medium).png

Testing with 5 and 2 fingers…
Image3 (Medium).png Image4 (Medium).png

10 finger test:
Image5 (Medium).png

Video containing a summary of the project and some demo applications

To get the Touch Tracer tool (from the demo video) please click on read more.

Project description:
Name: Touch Tracer
Purpose: To display recognized blob’s and for debugging purpose

Install instructions:
1. Put all files (touch_tracer.exe and *.bat files) in the same dir as touchlib.dll
2. Either run the bat files or edit them.
touch_tracer.exe requires 4 arguments: width height bitdepth refreshrate
example: touch_tracer.exe 1024 768 32 60

General note, as the readme.txt states, this application needs libraries of visual studio 2005. If you don’t have those, you will be prompt with an error message.

1. Show the path of a tracked blob and let it fade away over time.

Touch Tracer v0.1 Binary

Optional downloads
Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Redist. Package (URL Offline)
Entire package if the one above fails -> Get it from microsoft

7 Comment

    The links for the “Optional downloads” are broken!

    Amazing work on this by the way!

    30 Sep 2008 | Reply

  1. @Mike:
    I’ve updated the URL, it will now redirect you to the microsoft site for the correct downloads.

    Please check out the download pages because it contains the latest versions of the software.

    30 Sep 2008 | Reply

  2. Veronica

    Hi… This is a very interesting project. I would like to know if it works with Visual Studio 2008. Thanks a lot and Congrats!..

    03 Dec 2008 | Reply

  3. It should work with visual studio 2008. A few months ago I added the vs2k8 project files (VC9 dir)

    03 Dec 2008 | Reply

  4. Gustaf

    Hi! I love what you have done. Just a question. you dont use any compliant layer? what are the specs of the LEDs? How hard do you need to push to get some blobs?
    Do you think that this would work if i do it with a LCD matrix instead of an projector?

    10 Dec 2008 | Reply

  5. This version didnt use a compliant layer because at that time I did not know how to make one.

    I’m using IR leds (no brand), so I dont know the exact specs, but I recommend getting osrams.

    You dont really need to press hard if the FTIR is properly working.

    No clue about the LCD matrix, it depends on how translucent the device is.

    11 Dec 2008 | Reply

  6. Ponchito

    how did you made the background dark? did you put a tracing paper on top of the acrylic surface?

    23 Aug 2010 | Reply

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